Thinking of becoming an interior designer but don’t know if it’s for you?
I love my job!
Here’s my top 4 reasons to become an interior designer!!!


1. SO much more than styling!

Interior design is about the moulding of spaces into environments that are beautiful and functional… it’s way more than decorating… intrigued???

It all starts with good ol’ fashioned research! Looking at the spaces’ functions, requirements, products, services and why, who, and how the space is going to be used. Only once we know these things can we begin developing concepts & configurations.

We look at different floor plan options based on spatial sequencing, circulation, zoning, and security and combine these with our analysis of the site and environmental factors such as natural light, ventilation, street scape and accessibility, to come up with the best solutions possible for all end users.

Once our floor plan has been established we can then move onto how the space is going to look & feel.. (this is where some people might think our job starts!) This is achieved through materials, colours, furniture, fixtures & lighting. Generally within my realm of commercial interior design there is really no call for ‘styling,’ items are present for functional reasons, not to accessorise and make spaces pretty!

2. Be inspired every day!

Notice the details around you…
Make new discoveries…
Feed your curiosity…

There are so many different things out there that can be used as inspiration in design. It’s seriously so exciting and …I know you’ve heard this one before but… you are only limited by your imagination (and occasionally the project budget!)

We are surrounded by design every day…sometimes not such good design.. but this is okay because we can learn from it and let it inspire us to do something better!

3. You can influence emotions & behaviours!

I’m sure you have all had moments upon entering certain restaurants, hotels, workplaces, etc where you’ve felt welcome and thought ‘wow, how cool is this place’… and then other times where you have felt perhaps not-so-welcome. These feelings can be caused by the built environment and its interior design.

As an Interior Designer, we strive to maximise positive environments. To excite the senses in a restaurant, encourage social culture in a bar, make you feel welcome in a café, inspire & motivate in the workplace or perhaps encourage collaboration. All of these reactions and behaviours can be achieved through the design and manipulation of spaces. Pretty cool hey!

4. Its so much fun!

I love to learn, and working as an interior designer I am constantly on a journey of discovery. Continually learning about new products, materials, people’s behaviours as generations proceed, different ways of working, new technology, I could go on and on!

I also get to do experiments on a daily basis! Combining different textures, materials, colours, furniture to achieve different looks & feels.

Getting to work with my clients can be lots of fun too, when they are passionate about their company and what they are hoping to achieve it makes for a fantastic outcome. Lots of clients I’ve worked with over the years have become repeat customers & friends, it’s always a pleasure to work together on something new and exciting.

SO there you have it. My top 4 reasons to become an Interior Designer.
What do you think? Sound like it’s the job for you?
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