So if you’ve seen my social, you’ll know that I’m jetting off with the family next week to the United States.

We’re off to spend some time in Big Apple & the nation’s capital (aka New York City & Washington DC). Completely excited is an understatement!!!!!! I don’t need to tell you guys this is a trip of a lifetime, especially for someone in my profession, going to the home of the world’s most iconic architecture & design has been on the bucket list for a VERY long time and is a dream come true!

My time living in the UK instilled a serious case of wanderlust! Constantly seeking the unknown and new experiences. I blame this on my creative mind always in quest of inspiration and innovation! If you’re lucky enough to get me on a project after I’ve just come back from one of my travels.. wahhhhhh watch out! You’re in for something fresh and exciting!

Anyway… that’s enough of tooting my own horn! I don’t want to be having all the fun, so I want to give you some reasons to think about why you should have a holiday too!


Stuck on an issue at work? A holiday can inspire you with new ideas and angles. Relax your mind and soak in all that is to offer.


A holiday allows you to participate in new activities. When traveling you MUST have the ‘when in Rome’ attitude! Learn a new language, eat new foods (Jewish deli’s I’m coming for ya!), immerse yourself in a foreign culture and broaden your mind. Here’s a few pics of some previous experiences!


Take a break from the daily grind & destress. Have a good night’s sleep (or dance the night away if that’s more your style – not for this mumma anymore!), take in some fresh air and allow yourself to switch off. Holidays are good for the mind, body and soul!


Struggling with that illusive work/life balance? Holidays are a chance to reconnect without those daily distractions. Leave the screens at home (or perhaps in the suitcase after that 20hr flight!) and have some fun.

My little family!

My little family!

So, there you have it. My top 4 reasons why we all should get out from underneath our little rocks and go and see what this amazing world has to offer!

If anyone needs me over the next month, I’ll be drinking Manhattans, eat pizza, watching Broadway and exploring the greatest city in the world! So, I’ll get back to you upon my return in September.

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I hope I’ve inspired you to take that trip you’ve been dreaming off.

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