Pulled threads and stains on the broadloom carpet, water stains on the ceiling tiles, flickering fluros and so much mess! Believe it or not, these are things I see so often when entering receptions. This space is a direct reflection of the business and seeing things like this have a negative impact on visitors experiences and employees happiness.

5 Top Tips for designing a Reception
Does your Reception need a little TLC?

A Reception space is just like a business card.
It needs to reflect who you are and what you do. I hate to say it, but..

 ” people will judge the business by your reception area ”

They may think twice about engaging in business if they don’t like what they see, no matter how wonderful your business or your people might be!  

So I thought I’d share with you my 5 Top Tips when designing a reception space. If you nail these, your reception will be awesome (even if I do say so myself!), you will attract those visitors you desire and increase employee happiness. 

My 5 Top Tips…


Understanding of the businesses ethos and target audience is crucial in providing the right design for the space. What appeals to your target market? Think about their demographics? What are their interests? Likes? Dislikes? Needs? 


The reception is the first place anyone sees, what do you want them to think of you and your business? Old & dated or New & exciting? Many people form an opinion about the business based on how the reception area looks.


Not only is it about how the space looks, but how does it make you feel? We want to feel good when we come into work, we want our visitors to feel comfortable and to create a memorable experience, so they want to come  back!


Functionality and circulation of the reception area is Key! Spaces need to be set out clearly so it’s obvious where things are, what spaces are used for and where visitors can go and can’t go. Nothing worse than walking in somewhere and feeling lost and awkward! Things that should be thoughtfully considered (but often forgotten) are storage, queue lines and disabled access.


We want people to feel comfortable within the reception space. This means providing enough adequate seating for waiting spaces. If there are several different tasks happening in the space, making sure the appropriate furniture is provided eg: table and chairs for filling out forms, comfortable lounge chairs for longer periods of waiting, etc. And for those that work in this reception space, making sure they are also comfortable with appropriate height counters, workstations, privacy, safety and ergonomic furniture.

” It’s a no brainer: a great reception = happy people = happy profit ”

 Use my 5 Top Tips to give your business a face-lift and boost your overall image. Set the tone for what visitors and employees can expect from your  business and create a memorable experience.

Need help with updating your reception space? Please get in touch, we’d love to work with you.

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