Mixed Emotions!

As I sit here and write this, I can’t believe the time has come already! Today is officially my last day of work and it is with mixed emotions that I’m signing off until next year to take some maternity leave. Excited to welcome Baby Schultz #2 into our little family but also sad to be shutting shop for a while.

Last day of work!
Last day of work!

After all, Schapel Interiors was my very first baby, born back in 2016 and I am so very proud to have watched it grow and develop into the successful business that it is today. With the majority of my client base as repeat clients, I couldn’t be more honoured. I believe this is testament to what we do here at Schapel Interiors, which is honestly a very simple approach…

be nice, pay attention to detail and work hard!

Stef Schultz

But always family first (and I’m not getting younger!) so time to crack on with the baby making, have some quality family time and cherish the precious moments while the kids are little.

You may have noticed I’ve been extremely quiet on the blog front this year, I must apologise about that! We flew into this year in full force and were fortunate enough to be swamped with work, but unfortunately putting the time for blogging wayyyyyy down the food chain.

2019 in review..

The last few months have been an abundance of concept designs, ranging in size from 100sqm to 1000sqm. Concept design is my most favourite part of the design process, so I am not at all complaining! This is where we develop the clients brief into design ideas, sketches, floor plan layouts and colour boards that evoke the mood, look & feel of the spaces. In the last 3 months I’ve put together a whopping 11 Colour Boards – my new PB!

Here’s a sneak peek at a few:

What’s next?

With Baby Schultz #2 due Mid-May, over the next few weeks I plan to catch up on TV, put my feet up and have a rest! Hahahahaah yeah right!!! Reality is I’ll most probably be catching up on housework, endless loads of laundry and running around after my 2-year-old with a few naps and melt downs in-between (from both of us!!!)

This will be my last blog until I return to work next year, 2020 – oooo how weird does that sound, 2020! Anyway I digress…. So I just want to firstly apologise to anyone I’ve dealt with over the last few months for my excessive sweat, toilet trips and baby brain moments!

And secondly, a massive THANK YOU to my ever-supportive repeat clients, the clients that took a leap of faith and engaged my services for the first time this year and those that gave me the opportunity to provide a quote. I look forward to exciting opportunities working with you all again next year.

Unfortunately, there were also a lot of projects I had to turn away this year due to work overload or babies impending arrival. Doing that is seriously the hardest part of my job and I don’t do it lightly. But thank you to those people for thinking of us and approaching Schapel Interiors and wish you all the best with your projects.   

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

SO with that, I shut the door on Schapel Interiors studio for a little white. All the best for a fantastic rest of the year, (although I’m sure this won’t be all you will hear from me – completed projects, new products and inspiring design just has to be shared!) Oh and the newest Schapel Interiors employee (aka Baby Schuiltz #2) of course!

See you in 2020!

Stefney Schultz
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