Well its official, Supergraphics are taking over.. literally!!!

You may not be familiar with the word ‘Supergraphic’ but I’m sure you know what a Supergraphic is. I’m talking about bright coloured, bold text and graphic designs applied to any built element (aka: walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows) that are wayyyy out of scale to its environment. Often flowing from one surface to another, these Supergraphics are popping up in all kinds of spaces… schools, offices, cafes and restaurants just to name a few.

Not only do Supergraphics make a massive impact in a space, they can also be functional to define and designate space. They can be used to either emphasise or minimize architectural elements.

Vlock Home by William Grover, 1968

Vlock Home by William Grover, 1968

Trend Revival

Something you may not realise though, while Supergraphics may seem like a new trend it is actually the revival of an old one, Surprise Surprise! (like most trends!!!) Back in the 60’s Post-modernists used Supergraphics to create illusions and modify spaces with paint in large format shapes and colours which played down the seriousness of architecture. Some might say this wasn’t the beginning of Supergraphics though… The Renaissance Frescos such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel springs to mind…. What do you think?

Supergraphics Re-birth

These days Supergraphics aren’t so much about distorting our modern environment but rather focuses on things like:

  • Company branding
  • Corporate identity
  • Motivation & inspiration
  • Education
  • Missions & Visions
  • Wayfinding & Signage
Ogilvie High School. Supergraphics by Liminal Graphics

Ogilvie High School. Supergraphics by Liminal Graphics

Large text and oversized icons are becoming the norm, in, on and around buildings, public spaces, commercial fitouts, shops and pubs & clubs. And to be honest I am absolutely loving the revival of this trend.

Graphics can bring so much life and character to otherwise boring spaces. Take basement/multistory carparks for example. These spaces have become an increasingly popular location to find Supergaphics with phrases, level numbers and directional indicators covering every surface… And BANG.. it comes to life! Checkout Eureka Tower Carpark in Melbourne

Eureka Carpark by emerystudio

Eureka Carpark by emerystudio

Supergraphics or Street Art?

Supergraphics are can also be found outdoors, on building facades, roofs, pavements, etc blurring the distinction between Supergraphics & Street Art. It’s not only this that has people confused… Supergraphics have now also blurred the lines between the disciplines of architecture, graphic design, art and interior design thus making it a super confusing (pun intended!) for people to know who to contact for these installations.

Upper West Side by Mim Design

Upper West Side by Mim Design

Well.. no need to stress, they can actually be designed by any one of the above mentioned professionals, it really just depends on their skill set!

These days interior Supergraphics are generally made from a digital print, onto a self-adhesive vinyl film. Once you have a design you are happy with, it’s as simple as taking the design to your local signwriter’s where they will turn your dream into a reality! (in other words print and install it for you!)

The advantage of this super-cool technology is that with digital printing, you can print virtually any ANYTHING you can possibly imagine. My most favourite thing about the self-adhesive vinyl film though is that there is very little prep required. I’m sure you have all painted a room or two in your time?? Well forget all the taping, covering, cutting in, and priming! The signwriter will do the installation in no time at all and best of all NO wet paint to try and avoid! Winning!!!

Creative Signage

Creative Signage

Supergraphic Key Advantages

  • Only limited by your imagination
  • Quick instillation
  • No waiting for paint to dry
  • No mess or odour
  • Little prep work
  • Maximum impact
  • Cost effective

Oh and did I mention that as quick as its installed, it can also be removed so as your needs, displays, branding change, your environment can be quickly & more importantly cost effectively updated to provide an instant transformation. How awesome is that!!!

Anyway I’m sure that’s enough information for one session! I hope I have educated & inspired you to jump on board this Supergraphics train, and remember if you need a hand to design.. you know who to call!

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