One questions I get a looooooot when I tell people what I do for a living, is ‘So what’s the latest Trend’ and to be totally honest my response is always ‘I don’t know!’

People are usually baffled by this response! ‘How can you be an interior designer if you don’t know the latest trends’ they say!

But my ‘I don’t know’ response isn’t a lack of ignorance. Sure, I am aware of what trends are happening in the background as they are constantly in my face, as I’m sure most of you are aware too, perhaps without even realising it. But my response is because I actually don’t want to know! And I’ll tell you why….. because how you design the interior of a building SHOULDN’T, be based on trends!

Trends come and go. They are not a reflection of you or your business. They are impersonal and date oh-so quickly. If I see another subway tile or Carrara stone benchtop I think I’m going to flip my lid! Come on people, let’s get creative! Think outside the box!!!!

I know its easy to get caught up in ‘What’s Hot Right Now’ when TV shows make the trends look so beautiful but trust me when I say that this is not the best approach for your design!

Ok enough of my ranting!

Instead of following these trends, work out what you really want in the space you are designing. Work out what YOU like or what represents YOU or YOUR company best (or perhaps what you don’t like is easier to narrow down). Don’t let the latest trends sway you! After all designing should not be a cookie-cutter approach, one trend does not work for all spaces. How boring would interiors be, if we all followed the latest trends!

Function is first priority, then you can make it beautiful. When selecting your colours and finishes, make sure what you are selecting is practical for the application first and foremost. I know High Gloss cupboards are beautiful but those sticky toddler fingers don’t do them any justice!

Once you have got your materials knuckled down then you can go on to choosing what colours/patterns to select them in. This might seem scary, but it’s really the most exciting part! The colours you choose can impact how you feel and interact with the space! And if this is all sounding a little to scary for you, I’m here to help!

So there you go, I hope I have inspired you NOT to follow the latest design trends but have confidence in yourself, be creative and design a space that is fit for YOU or YOUR business.

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