If someone said to me a year ago ‘you should start your own interior design business’ I would have thought.. ‘yeah right’ I was so caught up in my own little world, busy at work, planning a wedding, a honeymoon, as well as trying to have a life somewhere in-between… but a lot can happen in one year….

Having worked for almost six years at MODE, climbing my way up from a graduate to senior, I was ready for new challenges. Time to push the boat out, as my English friends would say!

Everyone warned me that having your own business is hard work, takes money and loads of time, but I think that made me even more determined! I’ve turned my dream of owning my own interior design business from an idea, into a business plan and finally into a reality, and to be honest, I’m pretty damn proud!

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, and I have to be honest with you, I was slightly terrified! But I put on my big girl pants and did it anyway! And what I’ve discovered is an even deeper love for design that has been trying to get out.

Schapel Interiors allows me to focus on doing what I do and love best, provide creative interior design services to the community. It also allows me to share with you some of the awesome design ideas out there and helpful tips and advice. I hope you’re just as excited as me!

Wondering where ‘Schapel’ comes from? Taking on my husband’s surname last year meant the end of my maiden name in my immediate family, so I have chosen to dedicate the name, that I hold dear to my heart, to my business. I hope I do my family proud.

I wouldn’t be able to fulfil this dream without the support and encouragement of some incredible people in my life, in particular my husband Trev, so I am going to take this moment to give him a big shout-out.

So pumped for the year ahead and all the opportunities out there. Please join me on this new adventure and help spread the word by liking, sharing and inviting friends along too so I can help make a difference in design.

Are you pushing the boat out this year? I’d love to hear your story…

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