I say wallpaper, you screw your nose up and think ewwwwwww really?? … am I right!?

Well think ewwww no longer!

Plain white walls of Modernism are slowly phasing out as we see wallpaper making its striking grand entry back into the design world, but not in a way you probably remember, such as these…..

Gone are the days of these hideous muted floral patterns and ghastly brown and beige tones from your Granny’s house! Technology and digital printing has bought a whole new generation of wallpapers to the market which is SO exciting.

From my experience in Interior Design, there are widespread mixed feelings about wallpaper, but think about it like this… It’s a material that can instantly transform a space AND its affordable.. so what’s not to love!!!

From Egyptian papyrus and Chinese glued rice paper, wallpaper materials have certainly come a long way. Today wallpapers are not only made from paper, you can find them made from natural fibres, woven fabrics and vinyl, making them so durable that even applications in commercial settings are appropriate. Yay!

For quick renos, Wallpaper is my go-to! Fast and easy installation (and removal!) without the mess and down time that other renovation methods require. Large scale murals and unexpected patterns bring life and colour to spaces. There are even wallpapers that have a variety of different finishes, with glitter, foil, 3D patterns, embellishments and fibres adding texture to your space which is oh so important. Read more about the importance of adding texture to a space in my Touchy Feely Blog.

There are seriously thousands of wallpapers out there on the market, so there is something suitable for every single type of project and with digital printing now available, you are only limited by your imagination!

Do you crave a little country cottage in your home or seek energy and creativity for a tired workplace? Whether it be for the home or office, use wallpaper for your next renovation. Once you have decided what look and feel you want to achieve, get those creative juices flowing. Make selecting your wallpaper your starting point. From there, this will influence the rest of your choices in materials and furnishings. Easy peasy!

So go on, get inspired! Go bright, go bold but most importantly, have some fun!

And if you need some help, I’m only a phone call away 😊

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