I frequently get approached to help people with colour, which is awesome because it means people realise the importance of colour in design. Yay!

Colour effects our emotions which could mean the difference between a welcoming or not-so-welcoming space. In other words, it can either make or break so it needs to be used appropriately and carefully…. Are you scared yet!!!

Colour can totally change an atmosphere, set a mood and revitalise an interior.

There is a whole psychology on colour, but let’s not go into that now. I’ll just give you a very broad overview. Colour can be looked at in two categories, cool and warm tones. Warm tones like red, yellow and orange stimulate and energise, while cool tones like blue, purple and green are restful and create a calmer atmosphere. Having said that colour is also associated with our own individual experiences, memories, cultures and beliefs.

Anyway, I love colour and get super excited when I have the opportunity to use it in my designs, whether it’s to create a beautiful focal point, add personality or even aid in wayfinding.

One of the most common statements I hear, and I’m sure you’ve all heard ‘Don’t paint your walls a dark colour.’ Apparently it makes the space feel small and cramped…. Well I’ve got some news for you… this is only going to be the case if you are living in a shoebox, literally!

If you have a space that you want to feel cozy and comforting then warmth, depth and texture needs to be applied…’how do we do this?’ you ask, we use dark colours! After a sexy master bedroom?.. white walls just won’t cut it! Think navy, aubergine, charcoal to really set the mood!

Now in the workplace we probably don’t want to evoke those same feelings as in the bedroom…. well.. unless you work for a certain type of industry.. let’s not go there! Colour in the workplace can brighten up the office interior for employees. I see so many depressing white & beige schemes, it’s no wonder some businesses struggle with staff retention!

Colour can also reinforce company branding. Businesses invest thousands of dollars into their corporate branding for marketing collateral, websites, advertising, etc.. why not apply this branding into the workplace? The hard bit of working out the company colours is already done!

The most important thing to remember is that the cookie cutter approach doesn’t work when it comes to using colour. Every space is unique and should be treated with respect.

Oh and one last thing….Don’t worry about colour trends, they come and go!

Be Bold, Be Brave, Embrace Colour and HAVE FUN!
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